Name: The Good Money Museum Client: Good Money Category: Experiential Event Website:

Good Money, an emerging crypto-currency platform enabling customers to purchase goods and make peer to peer transactions, tasked us with creating an immersive experience in 10 days that expanded people’s understanding about the future of what currency could be while driving Good Money brand awareness.

In 4 days, our team facilitated a Discovery Lab with the Good Money team, found a location, hired and trained actors, created more than 100 works of original art for a museum installation, and even took care of the catering.

The museum included representations of currency from across time and geography, a visual history of the $100 bill, a physical timeline of money dating back to the ages of bartering for rice and livestock, and a future cast of what the global economy might hold.

With an original sold-out guest list of 300 attendees, the final head count by the end of the night was well over 600 people through the door.

Last night represents the absolute best parts of this movement and i am grateful to be a part of it. Thank you for a beautiful memory…!

Good Money Museum Timelapse Build