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Re-branding An 18-Year Old Yoga Studio


bodē NYC, formerly Bikram Yoga NYC, is New York City’s first-ever hot yoga studio designed for New Yorker’s to come together to find their calm. Featuring seven types of classes, teaching more than 1,000 classes per month, bodē NYC is the first of its kind – creating a safe community space for all ages to achieve the highest form of calm, rejuvenation and transformation – all of which describe a true New Yorker.

Consisting of four studios around the New York City area, bodē NYC focuses on all four corners of the city starting with the Flagship Upper East Side studio, across to the Upper West Side, down through Midtown and lastly, Flatiron.

Bikram Yoga NYC. Old logo


bodē NYC was looking for a way to introduce a new way of thinking about the overall health of New Yorker’s minds and bodies. The owners felt the need to re-brand to reflect its new approach with the addition of classes to give its clients a more well-rounded experience whilst sticking to its core Bikram concept.

I was approached to re-name and re-brand the long-standing yoga studio for a look and feel that was fresh, modern, community-driven, and expertly led.



The name, bodē, pronounced ‘Bo-dee’ – is a beautiful hybrid of the below three concepts:

Bodhi in the yoga tradition means “the enlightened one”.

Body is the vessel for wisdom and growth.

Bodē is short for abode or home.

The symbolism of the bodē logo evolves from the 3 concentric oval shapes, inspired by the top view of a ‘cairn – a balanced pile of stones typically created to mark a path.

The act of balancing a cairn can be used as a spiritual practice like meditation. Every person has an spiritual path in life which can be defined and enhanced by daily practices involving body work.

In the past, Western culture has tended to separate body and mind, yet we are now re-understanding the intimate and balanced connection between them.

bodē NYC Typeface – Print & Web



“We are thrilled to be expanding our class offerings in order to provide our clients with a 360 degree experience. Traditional hot yoga classes for a lean flexible body and cool mind. Our signature Hot HIIT classes for core and upper body strengthening. Our unique Yin Nidra classes for deep stretching and mini Nidra meditation. And bodē Sound Baths for a complete relaxation experience,” says Co-Founder Jennifer. #HotBodeCoolMind, a hashtag within itself, captures the effect on point.

Donna and Jen live and breathe this connection and have been refining these practices for 18 years. bodē NYC is the founders’ way to share their expertise, allowing every individual to achieve balance, be “on their path” and feel great throughout the body and mind.

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