Nat Geo: Doomsday Preppers Survival App & Campaign

Name: Doomsday Preppers Client: National Geographic Category: Student Work

Whether you believe in doomsday or not, there is no doubt that the the question “What if?” has crossed your mind once or twice. It has become such a growing phenomenon that National Geographic has created a show called “Doomsday Preppers” to document the lives of people taking extreme measures to prepare for the impending doom.

I created and designed the Doomsday Survival App to supplement the upcoming second season of the show as well as ambient installations to garner buzz.

We live in a disaster prone world where people who don’t prepare will have a hard time surviving. Make sure you get educated and don’t just survive, live. Are you prepared?

Digital App: Homescreen
Digital App: Prepare Screen
Digital App: Stash Points
Digital App: Survive Screen
Digital App: Morse Code